Stop at Eboli…to taste buffalo mozzarella

The passion in making Buffalo Mozzarella

“A taste is worth a thousand words” is the creed of those who knows about buffalo mozzarella. Giovanna who knows it, stopped us when we passed by her stand at Tuttofood. She invited us to taste her mozzarella and ricotta cheese from bufala (bufala is a typical italian animal similar to a cow).

“The dairy is born for a bet” she told us “because our company breeds buffalos”.
Today there are many companies that have created a modern processor of milk in dairy products and in particular of buffalo mozzarella.

“The best things are made while having fun” she said.buffalo mozzarella
In fact we were impressed by the perfect consistency and taste of delicious mozzarella that Giovanna made us taste.

The more careful research of quality in the production of mozzarella has led many companies to join the consortium of buffalo mozzarella. In addition to this to adhere to the guidance of disciplinary to check conformity to the protected designation of origin (PDO) of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana.

The goal is to meet the needs of consumers who demand products of consistent quality and excellence, as well as severe control of the origin of the milk and in total respect of the surrounding environment.

The needs of the buffalo milk is satisfied with the milk coming from qualified suppliers subjected to half-yearly checks as defined in the specification of mozzarella DOP.





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