Spaghetti alla Chitarra: sounds good

imagestavoleromaneSpaghetti alla chitarra (the name is due to the similarities with the guitar strings) is a typical format of the Abruzzo cuisine consisting of spaghetti with a squared shape. Included among the agricultural food products of Abruzzo, their name comes from the so-called “Carrature”, ie the typical rectangular wooden frame that gives rise to the square of the typical spaghetti. Their preparation in fact occurs with a rectangular beechwood loom, called “Guitar,” which owes its name to the fact that on its longer sides are stretched thin metal wires. These resemble of the strings of a chitarra. Called also “tonnarelli”, “maccheroni alla chitarra” or “maccheroni carrati” (from the dialect maccarunə). In Molise they are called “maccheroni crioli” (or cirioli) and arechitarra5 much more similar to spaghetti, although are made with the same square section. In Puglia they are called “troccoli”, the term typical vernacular of Foggia “trucchj ‘ “.

The width of the cut (2-3 mm) is identical to the “spaghetti” but the thickness is much greater, so that you see them in the section “square”.

For the dough is used durum wheat semolina, eggs and a pinch of salt. It is then worked for a long time and after resting in the fresh, the dough is rolled out with a rolling pin. Then the puff pastry is layed on the “guitar and with the rolling pin the wires penetrate the pastry cutting it into strips. The sheets of pasta that are passed on the guitar are called in dialect “pettele”. The downloadguitar and the dough, give the pasta a squared shape and a porous texture that allows the sauce to fully adhere, to the great satisfaction of the palate.

Spaghetti alla Chitarra is a kind of pasta that requires rigorous cooking “al dente” (not too long) and goes well with rich sauces. In Abruzzo, nad Molise “maccheroni alla chitarra” are usually prepared with meat sauce, lamb, pork, beef or peppers. Less traditional but suitable are wild boar sauces, hare or venison. Their use is widespread, and then match with tasty fish (1)


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