Penne all’Arrabbiata

The arrabbiata sauce is one of the most famous and traditional italian recipe

Ingredients for 4 people:

500 gr of fresh San Marzano tomatoes, two or three garlic cloves, olive oil, salt, parsley

Penne all’Arrabbiata preparation

Put plenty of water into the pot and bring to a boil. Put salt in the water just before it starts to bubble, Put pasta in the water only after it has started to bubble consistently.

Use a separate pan to prepare the ‘olive oil (in Lazio we have excellent DOP Canino and Colline Pontine) – about 3 tablespoons –  with two or three big garlic cloves chopped (I prefer garlic from Abruzzo, Sulmona, or Apulia).

In this recipe there are only a few ingredients and it is particularly important that they are of very good quality.

Let brown the garlic in the oil without burning, at a low heat. At this point add the chili taking care to reach exactly the desired degree of spiciness (scale scoville) and remembering that more than the chili is cooked over the fire the stronger the perception of spiciness.

After a few minutes we will put in the same pan with oil and garlic, tomatoes, after that we have taken care of previously blanch in hot water, strip and do in chunks.

Let’s go with the sauce over high flames for about 5-6 minutes and towards the end add salt to it.

At this point wash the parsley,  that in Rome and also in the Marche region, is usually called “little grass”.  Damp the parsley with a damp cloth to remove any excess of water and and finely cut it

Take care not to cook to much the pasta, drain it from the boiling water and pour it in the pan with the sauce, tossing for a few minutes … now it is ready to serve, with plenty of parsley spread over and eventually, if you can not do without, pecorino romano … “good appetite”


paolodesantis-259x300The Chef: I’m Paolo De Santis, I work as a chef in Rome and I love the traditional cuisine of my region. One of the traditional pasta recipes of my region and one of typically Italian favorites pasta recipes are the “Penne all’arrabbiata” This recipe is very simple but it is also a very tasty dish and it is loved by everybody in Rome. It is also a dish strongly tied to tradition and still part of everyday Roman cuisine. In my first Roman recipe, where I highlighted how to prepare Jewish artichokes, which is another traditional dish of Rome, I also introduced my philosophy about food and Roman cuisine. For me it  consists of simple ingredients but whose authenticity and quality, and the taste of which are decisive. For this reason, to prepare good “penne all’arrabbiata”  I’d look tasty and typically Italian genuine products, also from different italian regions, such as San Marzano tomatoes and garlic of Sulmona, or similar products where appropriate


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