Baked sea bream with lemon, tropea and olives

Cooking a tasty, healthy dish in line with dietary suggestions is possible if you use typical Italian products.

In the recipe book with italian typical products today a very simple and very fast but delicious way to prepare the sea bream: we have combined with a fish of our sea some products of our South, such as Sorrento lemons, Tropea onions and Nocellara Etnea olives.

We took a fresh sea bream of medium size and asked the fishmonger to empty its entrails and scam it. If he is not too busy or if you leave it for five to ten minutes to do the job, normally the fishmonger will indulge you willingly.

At home you will eventually complete the work by removing only the remaining scales and fins. I often cut the final part of the tail, and rinse the fish very well.

Baked sea bream with lemon, tropea and olives

Ingredients for this recipe: a lemon from the Amalfi Coast , two medium-small Tropea onions, parsley and garlic, minced finely chopped and a handful of olives seasoned in brine. We chose <a href=”″ rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”> the crushed Nocellara Etnea green olives from the Frutto d’Italia line. </a>. They are olives from Sicily, crushed and seasoned with chilli and fennel.

After having cut the lemon into slices 3-4 mm high, complete with peeled and sliced onions (which we lightly salted) and the chopped parsley and garlic (two big cloves) then spread this condiment in part on the bottom of the pan, under the sea bream, in part use it to fill the inside of the fish, stuffing it well, and cover the fish with the remaining part. Season with olive oil.

Bake it for about 30-40 minutes at about 160-170 degrees and …there is nothing left but to lick our whiskers ….

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