Tortelli and Herbs

With the name Tortelli is indicated a filled pasta which can take various forms: rectangular or square or rolled up in the shape of tortellini, but also round and of various sizes, depending on the regional tradition.

Cited by Famous Renaissance chef Bartolomeo Scappi in his “Art of Cooking Opera” in the classical form with herbs, parmesan and fresh cheese and butter pulled as shown in beautiful photo of the Academy Barilla ( where we also find the ricetta-tortelli-verdi-emilianitypical recipe of Parma. The filling varies also, depending on the areas of Italian and local tradition. Frequently there is the classic filling with green herbs and ricotta, but also with pumpkin (Mantova, Reggio Emilia, Piacenza and Cremona), potatoes (Tuscany) or other vegetables such as artichokes, radishes, beets and meat – in this case often is called “agnolotti” (eg. in Piemonte) – or fish in coastal regions. As well as the recipe of the filling thus also the one of the seasoning varies from area that can be butter and sage but also meat sauce, tomato sauce or other condiments richer. IMG_0100Traditionally dish rich and designed to parties and celebrations has now become a dish eaten regularly. Sometimes the term Tortelli can be specified even designing small fried pastries filled with jam or cream.

The most typical dishes from Emilia are tortelli ricotta with herbs served with butter and sage:


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