Chicken with peppers: a traditional italian recipe of Rome

One of the dishes linked to my childhood memories is the chicken with peppers. I still remember the smells that emanated from the morning in the kitchen and that filled me with joy at the thought of the upcoming lunch.

Paolo DChicken with peppers is a simple but healthy and tasty dish. We should take care of choosing a chicken whose origin is safe and traced, and even better if it is grown in the yard.

Chicken with peppers is one of the classic recipes of Roman cuisine, along with the traditional “chicken alla cacciatora”, whose recipe I shall explain soon in another post

Here  there are the quantities that I routinely use to prepare this recipe, but I am convinced that you can also vary the proportions to your taste.

For one chicken I use 300 grams of tomatoes, a clove of garlic, one red onion, a sprig of rosemary, 6 red and yellow peppers, a glass of white wine, olive oil, salt and pepper q b,

We cut the chicken to pieces and put it to flavor in a bowl with salt, pepper and a little ‘white wine. Meanwhile, I use to tie a sprig of rosemary with a small wire so I  can easily use it to flavor our chicken, but I can also operate it smoothly and also remove readily once ready our plate.

Apart we wash and clean the peppers and we slice them, taking care to choose the very fleshy ones.  I prefer to cook the peppers and the chicken separately to meet the different cooking times. In this way also the peppers remain crisper.

chicken with peppers a traditional recipe of italian cousine in RomeWe put the chicken pieces in a pan with two tablespoons of olive oil and let them cook  over medium-high flames for as long as necessary to gilding and only then we pour the remaining white wine cooking and go on cooking at a low flame until complete evaporation of the wine

At one side we prepare a mixture of finely chopped garlic and onion, putting it in a saucepan with a tablespoon of olive oil and then we cover it with  yellow and red peppers, after having cut the peppers coarsely with a wide brim. We let them cook for 15-20 minutes, remembering that the vegetables should maintain their crunchiness.

We dip tomatoes in boiling water and peel sthem off, we remove them the seeds and at this point we join the peeled tomatoes to the chicken, once the wine has evaporated. Let cook for about another 5 minutes over high heat finally unite the peppers. Let the chicken and the pepers cook some minutes toghether to amalgamate  and then it is ready to serve….

Paolo De santis cooking chicken with pepper at home

Ps The peppers, together with tomatoes, were imported to Europe from America after its discovery with Christopher Columbus. Peppers are an important reservoir of vitamin C and red peppers contain also provitamin A. I confess that the chicken with peppers is one of my favorite dishes, so that I prepare this recipe  very often even at home, for me and for my family and guests

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