Sweet heart Pierre

Riccardo PelagaggeIt is born the line of sweets PiErre. In fact, in his new laboratory on the hills of Ancona, Riccardo Pelagagge develops innovative recipes and traditional products of the Italian pastry culture. Young but experienced artisan of chocolate, he searches the best recipe of the preparations with care and passion for the harmony and refinement of flavors and colors.
Its products can be sampled, during the sensory pathways created to present them and make them known, even in the store opened in Jesi.

Among the recipes we find classic flavors like oranges and tangerines expertly candied and covered with chocolate and the chocolates pistachio, but also innovative combinations such as the collection of chocolates at The.

All the aroma and the elegant fragrance of precious blends The melted with the aromas of fruits andPistachio Chocolate spices. It is difficult to choose which fruit flavor between dried fruit or berries, or even exotic fruit, taste as first.

ChocolateDevoted and precious homage from Riccardo to its hills, the Boule to Verdicchio: “Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi” is a native origin denomination wine of the hilly area of Ancona and Macerata, deriving 85% of vineyard and 15 % of other white grape variety suitable for cultivation in the Marche region.

Riccardo also prepares delicious mixes for hot chocolate and tasty spreads in jars made of chocolate with varying cocoa intensities, which he distinguishes one by one calling them with charming names such as fondant cream “L’ Incanto” (the enchantment), with 53% cocoa.Thea Chocolate

Also fascinating are the recipes of jams PiErre, colorful and with flavors and combinations that surprise pleasantly, such as jam strawberries and peppers, Apricot and Ginger, of Suasa onions and tomatoes Green Vanilla and Rum, absolutely perfect to be combined with the cheeses.

Cheese and Onion

PiErre: not only Chocolate

Chocolate Box

To satisfy your taste buds and quench your thirst freshly, pleasant and healthy, Riccardo has created a new line of juices, obtained directly from the fresh fruit just as in the recipes that our grandmothers prepared in the last century and which entirely preserve the flavor and the quality of the fruit.

In the colorful and elegant bottles we find the Apricot Nectar, the Peach Nectar, the Pear Nectar PiErre Tangerineand a dense and tasty nectar of Raspberry, intense and delicious.


For those who are looking for flavors, new scents and aromas and different combinations refined and balanced, PiErre’s line offers Plum and Coriander, Pink Grapefruit and Cardamom, Lemon and Mint.
Completing the list of the juices of the citrus: juice of Blonde Oranges and Tangerine Ciaculli juice.

PiErre TangerineThe late Tangerine Ciaculli or “marzuddu”, with maturity in March, owes its name to the ancient village of Conca D’oro of Palermo on the slopes of Mount Grifone, Ciaculli, where it is grown.

Rare and endangered species, the Mandarin Ciaculli has a strong aroma and high sugar content; its production is limited to about 200 hectares in the homonymous territory.

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