Fried is served: streetfood, bluefish and olives at “Fritto di Marca”

Fritto di Marca

“Fritto di Marca”, the  three-day food  fair event  in Falconara, closes with 6 quintals of fish cooked and about one thousand bottles of Verdicchio wine sold. A success that has revitalized the city of Falconara, so that we can talk about a successful experiment and start to organize the next edition 2016.

Re Stocco a Falconara

Re Stocco,  Falconara

The organizers say: “People of Falconara and the admirers who already knew our quality have followed us”.

Fritto di Marca is dedicated to the flavors of Adriatic fish and street food. It is at its first edition after the recent successful of the similar event in Ancona. This is the chief town of Marche region, which name “Marche” derives from the anciet plural of Marca (small territory).

“We start for the second edition” concludes the responsible of Re Stocco and Accademia dello Stoccafisso all’Anconitana, that have organized the event with the Department Tourism of Falconara City in collaboration with Confartigianato Imprese, Coldiretti Marche, and Hotel Management School Panzini in Senigallia.

Baccalà Fried and chips: the most wanted at Fritto di Marca

Fried Baccalà with chips

Fried Baccalà with chips.

The event, which started on May 8th in the presence of the Mayor, the city authorities and the heads of the organizing associations, due to the almost summer temperatures, has recorded a sold out in the pedestrian area of the city centre, in particolar in the evening, The most wanded dish? Fried Baccalà with Chips.

“The fried allows us to cook the blue fish, an important food both from the nutritional point of view, because it is rich in omega 3 and unsaturated fats. We are not talking about farmed fish, but fresh seafood caught in our Adriatic sea” concludes Bomprezzi chef. He, with Vittorio Serritelli, is a professor of the Hotel Management School Panzini in Senigallia. With them, a brigade of 10 students. Serritelli chef points out: “The presence of the school is a guarantee of high quality of the event, where local gastronomy are served, trying to give with our contribution an added value”.

Requested the DeCo for the Stoccoliva

Great success also for the Stoccoliva, the fried olivestuffed with Stoccafisso. For this dish the Ordine Cultori of the Sea Kitchen “Re Stocco” has suggested to the Mayor of Ancona, Valeri Mancinelli, the proposal to give the DeCo, Municipal Designation of origin, that municipalities give to local products.

source: Marco Catalani – TerraMare


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