First Olive Oil exhibition: OASI

Oasi – anagram of Olivo (olive tree), Ambiente (environment), Salute (ealth), Innovazione (innovation) – is the most important organic olive oil exhibition in the whole Mediterranean area.

The Olive Tree exhinition: no problem for the Xylella, organic oil quality guaranteed

About the Olive Tree: no problem for the Xylella, organic oil quality guaranteed

In the frame of the event were presented the awards Biol 2015 at the best organic oils in the world. The selection, held in March in Bari, saw 300 companies in competition from around the world. The winner was “Finca La Torre” from Malaga, in second place “Oro del Desierto” from Spain too, while the first among Italians was “Quattrociocchi” from Frosinone (Lazio region).

The Olive tree held traditions and values that link the entire Italian peninsula to its history, beyond the agricultural economy, in which, is an important actor, is celebrated from April 24 to 26 at the Fiera del Levante with a demonstration, Oasi, inside which is located the entire chain of the olive and its world.

OASI olive oil tasting

During the olive oil tasting: the formation belongs to the activities carried out by Biol

Puglia Region and the Chamber of Commerce of Bari with the contribution of Unioncamere Puglia, Fiera del Levante and CI.BI, Italian consortium for organic have kicked off the first edition of the event, with the ambitous plan to become a national and international reference point. In Oasis are declined all the meanings of the olive tree, a product symbol of the Puglia (Apulia) region, and are discussed and promoted all the themes that see it protagonist and its multiple uses.

Olive oil exhibition: conference and report about the production

The production of olive oil of Puglia, who cover more than 30% of the entire Italian production, boasts today a lot of DOP and thanks to the attention and involvement of the stakeholders has reached hight levels of quality.

The attention the organic is a way to shift the focus on the human and animal wealth importance and on a model of production and sustainable development which protects the biodiversity and preserving the environment as well as the specific production area.

In thi vision at Oasis we find great convention space, workshops, tastings in a big event that wants involve alle the stakeholders: producers, consumers, technicians, opinion makers, children.

In fact, for the children are planned numerous training workshops and a specific selection that allows to assign the prize BiolKids, where are the children to elect their favorite oil.

Centennial apulian olive tree

Centennial apulian olive tree


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