TECNOBLEND: Italian gelato from Puglia

Italian Gelato is one of the most famous traditional food from Italy. In Puglia they prepare it also BIo and Vegan 

Raffaele Nicoletti welcomes us into his company, clean, tidy with large windows overlooking the surrounding landscape, that is at the crossroads of the provinces of Taranto, Bari and Matera (that includes it).
Raffaele began with the selling of functional ingredients and in 1989 passed to the production of semi-finished products for ice-cream shops.

In a first moment he produces a range of product without lactose and after, two years ago, started with the organic line Biogood and after the Vegan line.

The visit at his factory was been in an educational tour promoted by the program of Oasi, Regione Puglia, Unioncamere e CI.BI Italian Consortium for Organic.

Nicoletti says: “We know that is a difficult road because there are resistance to change, but we are convincing our clients ice-cream artisans and pastry to highlight also this product. Once the vegan is presented and purchased mistrust are overcome quickly. ”

Training as a way for preparing a better Italian Gelato

Training is also used by Tecnoblend as a way for innovation and to introduce new products. In the company they believe so much in what they do to the point that hundreds of artisans, but also newbies study in the classroom. With just two days you can learn how to make ice-cream, but then there are updates and upgrades.

What Raffaele Nicoletti says about the futore of the product is really innovative. “In the 2050 we will eat fruit and vegetables, because to produce one kilo of meat requires several thousand liters of water, a luxury that the palnet can’t afford. Eat vegan products is ethical and biocompatible and we have made this tasty too”. These words sound innovative!Pistacchi Lucani

About search and innovation it is possible to taste Lucan Pistachios, unique and intense. They have made also a consortium about them. We have eaten and we feel directly what Nicoletti says: sustainable, tasty and beautiful are three faces of one concept: eat is good and also ethical.



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